Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Roof Membrane Systems: Advantages and Disadvantages

Roof Membrane Systems: Advantages and Disadvantages

Membrane System               Advantages                                 Disadvantages

EPDM                               Economical                                 Life Span – 15 years

                                          Track Record to 1980s               Seams require continual maintenance

                                          Flexible Sheet                             Ponding water is detrimental

                                                                                              Extensive maintenance required

                                                                                              Single layer of protection

PVC                                 Economical                                  Environmental Issues (Chloride)

                                         Seams strong as welded steel      Life Span – 15 years

                                         Ponded water not an issue           Single layer of protection

                                        Track Record to 1980s

TPO                                Economical                                   Change in Material Formulations

                                        Seams strong as welded steel       Life Span – 15 years

                                        Flexible Sheet                                Limited Track Record – mid 1990s

                                        Ponded water not an issue            Single layer of protection

Modified Bitumen         Life Span – 20+ years                  Costly

                                        Multiple Layers of Protection       Ponding water is detrimental

                                        Track record to 1980s                  Coating required for long-term

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